You know that feeling?

Richard 呀 Richard 呀 這歌聲意外的很搭倦怠期的心境

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During the mutiny
Lyrics: (多謝Gwen,Daphne聽譯,Serafina最後修訂)

I am just a humble captain
Crusing a hand speed
When did you stop believing in me
Drifting on the sea after the mutiny.
Swallow the bite of words
And dash the bone of us
But the worst part is fadin from your heart
I think you were wrong
This is just the sun

I am a salesman
You are a cow girl
steaming off the windows
Peeping Tom
Cheating mom
Sticking around the summer
I'm your captain undercover
Coming up for air
I don't believe in ghosts
But we were pretty close
Walkin' through walls
No we couldn't even open the door
The story of you and me
During the mutiny~

I am a sales man. You are a cowgirl
Steaming off the window
Peeping Tom *
Cheating mom
Sticking around the summer

I am a tyrant. You're the devil
Breaking down the door
I am your capain undercover
Coming up for air

(I know the feeling)
(That sinking feeling)
(chorus x3)

(tom= ordinary man, mom= woman in nature, annotated by Serafina)